My uncle´s wisdom

This year I went to my hometown not exactly knowing if I actually wanted to.

I had invested a lot of time in my new home Berlin, and built a new life there. There were too many exciting things happening throughout the year of 2014 and I did not really feel like leaving. But christmas time is family time. So I booked my train ticket and packed my things for a week-long trip into my past.

And by the time christmas day came everything went just like expected. I ate too much, spoke too much and had a headeach from my relatives talking very passionately with each other. It seems like we have an unwritten rule in our family that forbids conversation between two people who are seated next to each other. It is much more accepted to shout across the table. The further your conversational partner away, the more points you gain.

I brought my analogue camera to capture parts of the spectacle. And I was also planning to hide behind it and look like I have something to do – just in case it gets boring or I have to escape to fantasy land because my voice is too exhausted.

However, it was not long after I unpacked my camera that my uncle started asking me questions about my analogue-toy. And it turned out he had a really nice, basically unused analogue camera in his house. He invited me to pick it up and give it a second life. An offer I could not deny.

Not the christmas break I expected

Two days later, I was sitting on my uncle´s couch with a glas of wine in my hand. And for the first time we actually had a normal conversation. I don´t know if you know what I mean.. But I tend to see my family members in the roles of how they relate to me. It is my mom, my aunt, grandparents, cousins and so on. Sometimes it is easy to forget that the “aunt” is also a real person with a character, real interests and hobbies. And most of all, that these people have amazing stories to tell and knowledge to share.

And on that evening I realized what I had missed out on all these years. The closest source of wisdom – my family. And when I realized how much I had neglected real connection to my family members a tear rolled down my cheek.

Some wisdom for sharing

Many things my uncle said to me that evening stuck with me and on my way home I started my voice recorder. The wine seemed to have enhanced my memory (or something like that) and listening to the recording now I seem like a drunk philosopher – or rapper. Regardless of my state of recording. I love some of the quotes from my uncle and I created images of them that I would like to share with you.



Big Game Life

Ideas taking shape as we speak

Tuesday morning. A girlfriend of mine slept at my place. I love visitors.

For several reasons: Visitors are a great reason to clean up my apartment, buy groceries and put my clothes back into my closet. Spending time with somebody at home is relaxing (well, can be relaxing…). But one reason is even more important than all the other fun stuff you can do with your visitors:

When you have visitors you generally talk about your life and about stuff you want to in your life or have done so far. These talks give me the chance to put things into perspective. Talking to others I realize how far I´ve come and that helps me to practice gratitude for everything I have achieved. AND while I talk to others my vision of where I am going is forming and taking shape.

Do you know that feeling? The answers have been within you the whole time. But once you voice them they suddenly become real?

That´s what happened to me this morning when talking about my life. Even in the conversation I started my sentence with “Well, I am not sure what I will be doing.” and ended it with “But I am interested in A, B, C.”

When I finished my sentence I had to laugh about myself and said: Wow, I had no idea that I have such a strong vision of what I want to do. THANK YOU.

And my counterpart looked confused but happy. Oh life!

Be yourself. Forget about the box.

Wednesday morning. My inbox is full. It´s filled with messages from strangers that resonated with what I had to say.

On saturday when the journalist called to ask for an interview on my life was different. Well, not exactly. But my inbox wasn´t full at that time.

I had not completely grasped how connected our world is and how simple it can be to get in touch with people. There is a theory called the “small-world-phenomenon” describing that every person in this world is connected to any random person through less than 6 personal connections. Wow. And the internet makes getting in touch with people even simpler.

So here I am. My current lifestyle allows me to stay at home with my cold and to wear my pyjamas until noon while booking appointments for interviews and shootings as well as coming up with new photography projects. I love my life.

But life has not always been like that. Actually it has not been like that until just a couple of weeks ago when I finally decided to take action. I stopped fighting my inner gifts and talents. And I gave up on fitting into the box I had put myself into. I have come to the realization that it is not an external force that puts us into a box. Only when we give away our power – that´s when we feel stuck. Every one of us has his/ her own set of unique talents and gifts. We are here to do what we came here to do. There is no recipie.

So, I hope you love what you are doing. Because that´s the only thing we are here to do.


Getting used to something

So, the past weeks I have been busy writing on my other blog “the stories I see 2014” which is part of my extreme lifestyle project. Another reason for me not writing here is because I have tried to get used to my new Berlin lifestyle.

Getting used to stuff is something I am not very good at. I am not sure if that´s a good or a bad thing. For me getting used to something has a bitter taste… People can get used to the most horrible things. Getting used to being mis-treated, being poor, fat, alone… Of course getting used to a new situation or behaviour is not always something negative. You could get used to eating healthier or exercising on a regular basis. But what I am talking about is more this negative kind of getting used to something. For me getting used to something basically means to stop asking questions. You get used to something when you stop fighting against something and give up.

Just imagine having a big hole in your ceiling… A big inconvenience. But I bet after a couple of weeks you just kind of get used to it and stop worrying about the hole and just work your way around it.

Many couples complain about not being “seen” by the other anymore after a certain period of time. They have gotten so used to being around each other and spending time with each other, that they don´t even value their presence anymore.

I have a hard time getting used to stuff. Often I can´t stop to ask questions. Instead of getting used to the flawed situation I am in I am trying to find solutions to change the situation and kit the flaws. Could I worry less? Definitely: Yes. But do I want to worry less…?

As Steve Jobs said: Stay hungry – stay foolish.