Planting the seed

Today I´ve been thinking of planting seeds, or better thoughts in people´s minds. Thoughts are powerful.

A while ago, I had the honour to be the student of a good teacher. The subject of teaching does not really matter, what is important about the story is that he was a good teacher – a teacher as a teacher should be. He was kind, smiled at everybody, and enjoyed his job.

The teacher offered afternoon classes (in his spare time) for students who needed some extra help. I attended – not because I needed extra help, I was actually one of the better students in my class, but simply because I enjoyed working with him. When doing my tasks and making mistakes I would talk to my self and say things like “stupid me, mixed the numbers up again!” or “oh no, I am so dumb! I am not good for anything, I can´t even type!”. He would listen to me for a while and then interrupt my work by saying: “Sorry to interrupt, but I could not overhear you talking to yourself like that. Be careful what you tell yourself, Valeska. One day you might believe your words.”

In this very moment I just thought that he does not know what he is talking about, and that it was of course stupid of me to mix up the numbers. But after a while, when I came home and in many moments after this incident I have been thinking about this afternoon in the courtyard of my highschool on a very hot early-summer day. I learned to be more gentle to myself and more careful about the thoughts I am planting in my head.

Now I would say to myself: “Oh, I mixed up the numbers again! Good I double-checked and found the mistake and corrected it. Well done. Problem solved.”

Planting a seed of success starts within yourself.Image

Plant one of those:


Ice crystals

You might think that it gets all boring up here while everything is white for big parts of the year… Some days here are special!!!

Generally Östersund is a rather windy town and we do not often have the luck to see the all sugar coated city. Sometimes we are lucky and all trees and bushes are covered by a layer of ice. Everything feels like in a fairytale …


IMG_9222 IMG_9196 IMG_9189a IMG_9184 IMG_9170