Pilgrimage to Yves Saint Laurent´s house in Marrakech

On day 2 of our girls trip to Morocco I got overly excited about Yve Saint Laurent´s house there. Nowadays people can visit the house of the famous french designer and his husband/ life partner in Marrakech together with the garden Majorelle – a collection of plants of the artist Mr. Majorelle.

According to our map the house was not far outside of Morocco´s old town – the Medina. The owner of the riad we were staying in told us we could walk the whole way there and would not have to take a taxi. He estimated our walk to be 30 minutes – or one hour. Who cares, when in Morocco?

We agreed to count the process of getting to our goal as being part of the experience and began the walk right after breakfast. We quickly made it out of the Medina and passed some colonial looking and generously designed parks on our way.


Discovering the new Marrakech

Then we entered in what the moroccans call the “new Marrakech” – the new part of town. I could not believe my eyes! It was like we travelled through time or something. While the Medina seems really traditional and somewhat historic, the new part of town has all the fashion brands you can imagine. Also the people walking around in the “new-town” looked very european, women did not wear scarfs, the streets were full of expensive car brands and buying a coffee at Starbucks for the regular 4€ did not seem a problem in this part of town. What a contrast!

To be honest, I kind of enjoyed this excursion into the “modern” orient and took it as an opportunity to breath deep and sit in the sun for a couple of minutes.

Then we continued to find Majorelle´s garden and in it Yve´s house. I think it took us 3 hours or even more to get there. Sure, we were also stopping on the way, walking slowly and being touristy… But getting there in 30 minutes to one hour is simply impossible.

Majorelle´s Garden – heaven on earth

Finally we entered into Majorelle´s garden. As soon as we passed through the entrance gate, we were greeted by birds happily singing their songs and playing in a fountain. The garden was everything you would imagine of an artificially planted garden in the middle east. Opulent flowers, plants, jungle like bamboo grew higher than 8 Meters and created a beautiful roof for the little pathway that through the whole garden. The whole garden was well-groomed and there was plenty of staff making sure every leaf is on it´s place. I experienced the garden as very calming and peaceful. I could feel the love with which it was created and is kept the way it was originally created.

In Yve´s house is now the Berber musem where visitors can learn about the traditional berber culture in north Africa. Museum was kind of cool… But the house was even better!

20150103_170601 20150103_171927 20150103_172202


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