2 steps forward 1 step back

Did you ever get frustrated along your way of accomplishing something? I certainly have.

Finding out what you want to do and getting started can be difficult at times. But staying on track to reach the goal you have in mind – following through so to speak – is even harder.

Getting on track requires a trigger followed by radical action. In this phase you are taking a leap of faith to get started on your new mission. Exciting!

Then comes the execution of your plan. The first couple of days are fantastic. The first week is going good. But then the slacking starts. Was this really such a good idea? There are no visible results yet.
Yep, staying on track is hard.

Keep in mind: Sometimes it goes 2 steps forward 1 step back

We have this linear curve of success in mind. Reality looks different.


Here are some practical tips of how to stay on track.

  • Breath and relax.
  • Look back and be proud of everything you have accomplished so far.
  • Make small to-do lists with tasks that are easy to do. Break down bigger tasks in baby-steps.
  • Keep your big goal in mind. Working towards something instead of getting lost in the small chaos surrounding you really helps.

Here is Marie Forleo´s advice on how to handle the sh*t sandwhiches life hands you:

Oh you gotta love Marie!


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