The three hour guacamole

Mondays are a good time for guacamole. Every day is a good day for guacamole.

A couple of weeks ago I would have never thought I´d be more involved in the kitchen when I decided to study photography. Now however these two things seem suddenly related. First of all I have much more time to feed myself in a healthy and more conscious way – love! Other than that we were given a school assignment called “My favorite recipie”.

For this assignment we should prepare our favorite food and take pictures of it for an imaginary magazine. Later on the whole class will create a photo book with all the recipies. Sounds fun! And delicious.

First I thought this might be the easiest assignment so far. After all the assignment is super clear and does not leave too much space for my mind to go mad over. It turns out guacamole is not very photogenic!

And turns out I had absolutely NO experience in photographing food! (This nasty habit of taking cell phone pics in restaurants would have come in handy here!)

Eventually my friend and I spent the whole day in the kitchen. I took about 3 hours for my guacamole. She needed another 3 to bake a cake.

Breathing excercises in yoga are nothing compared to me standing on a stool with a camera, holding my breath every couple of seconds to take a picture. Seriously, taking pictures is the only thing I can do for hours without talking. I am super focused. The flower pot is in the frame? GET IT OUT! The tortilla chip does not look pretty? EAT IT.

See food and photography ARE related. Lovely day.



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