One more time sleeping.

Sunday evening.

30 printed photographs are spread out on my wooden floor. I am proud. I have never seen my work like this – on 20x30cm glossy paper I mean. Like in trance I am sitting in my office chair. With my right foot I am shoving the same black and white picture back and forth in order to find the ultimate combination. I am looking at the frame of two men walking down the street in Jerusalem and remember one of the interview questions from the application interview:

“Why did you decide to go for black and white instead of color in this picture?”

I decided to answer bold and honest. And maybe a little naive, too.

At the time I put this portfolio together I had no idea what a portfolio is actually supposed to look like. And to be honest I did not want to know what it was supposed to be. Instead of googling for it I followed my gut-feeling and selected my favorite photographs. I ended up with a mix of 30 pictures captured within the past 4 years. Landscape – Textures – Portraits and Street Photography. No real story behind it. Just pretty pictures.

So, why is this picture black and white? Because it looked shit in color. When editing I found it looked much cooler in black and white and represented the athmosphere better. So here you go – black and white.

I squat down from my office chair and push all texture and landscape pictures aside. What´s left is the black and white series from Israel and a portrait. Here you go first impression – I made my choice.



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