The end of the stories I see

On 01.01.2014 I started a project called “the stories I see”. It was an extreme lifestyle project that was supposed to take 1 year. Every day I wanted to post a picture and a piece of writing on the blog.

The experiment was all about inspiration. I wanted to capture all the small things in life that get me excited, inspired or make me feel special in a way. Lovely idea.

Well, as you might have guessed it was not as easy as it sounded. I deleted the blog about two days ago. Here is why.

Challenge 1: Inspiration is hard to capture with a camera

The pictures were supposed to fit the text. Meaning I wanted to capture the moment of inspiration with my camera and then write a short poem about it. Yeah… I did not constantly carry my camera around with me. Big mistake. I started taking pictures with my phone, because that was the only available “capturing” medium in thise moments. And afterwards I was not happy with how the pictures had turned out. However, the first month was dedicated to “objects” and it all went OK. February was dedicated to “moments” – something even harder to catch. I started using photos from my existing portfolio. Photos that had nothing to do with the actual moment I was describing. This was very unsatisfying for me and did not represent what I wanted the project to be about. Which brings me to the second point.

Challenge 2: Quality of content

By having such a high frequency of posts that “had to be” produced I felt the quality of my posts decreasing. I was posting blogposts because I had to – not because I really wanted to. Sometimes I forgot to post for 2 days in a row which meant I “had to” be inspired 3 times the third day just to keep up with my blogposts. Posting became less fun and more obligation.

Challenge 3: Normal life is still going on

Yeah, this point might sound kind of lame. But guys, I have a full-time job. Getting inspired when working regular work hours is also pretty hard. I do see the same stuff from mondays to fridays. After getting home from work I don´t really feel like grabbing my camera and running around in Berlin to find a moment of inspiration. Naaaaah.

Summary: I still love the idea of my “the stories I see” experiment. I was not able to keep up with it. Mainly because the frequency of posts was scheduled too high. That´s why I decided to stop posting there and go back to posting more regularly on this blog instead. And instead of producing content because I “have to”, I will post when inspiration and GOOD really strike me! 🙂