Oh my life is taking dramatical turns ever since I don´t have internet at home. Does this sound pathetic? yeah… maybe a bit. But let me describe my day to you and you might understand. Or at least maybe develop some much needed empathy for me!?

When I got up I decided to carry my laptop with me because I have not been able to post on my projects blog since my last extended starbucks visit. Well, my laptop weighs like a ton – at least. And I´ve been walking around with paint and other heavy stuff in my bag for ages. When I finally was ready to settle down for the afternoon to write some blog posts I accidentally ended up in the wrong train. 2 hours later I was finally back in the city and went to the nearest starbucks. Crowded and full as usual.

Decided to go somewhere else. Balzac coffee – feel free to laugh here.

First question: do you have wifi?

Second question: Do you have food?

Well, they provided food and drinks. But only 30 minutes of free wifi. I think I am going to die. Beam me up, scotty!

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