Oh my life is taking dramatical turns ever since I don´t have internet at home. Does this sound pathetic? yeah… maybe a bit. But let me describe my day to you and you might understand. Or at least maybe develop some much needed empathy for me!?

When I got up I decided to carry my laptop with me because I have not been able to post on my projects blog since my last extended starbucks visit. Well, my laptop weighs like a ton – at least. And I´ve been walking around with paint and other heavy stuff in my bag for ages. When I finally was ready to settle down for the afternoon to write some blog posts I accidentally ended up in the wrong train. 2 hours later I was finally back in the city and went to the nearest starbucks. Crowded and full as usual.

Decided to go somewhere else. Balzac coffee – feel free to laugh here.

First question: do you have wifi?

Second question: Do you have food?

Well, they provided food and drinks. But only 30 minutes of free wifi. I think I am going to die. Beam me up, scotty!

First challenges of my ELP (extreme lifestyle project)

Good morning everybody!

January started well with my extreme lifestyle project. You can follow my project on:

I am creating a piece of writing and a photograph every day and will upload it on “the stories I see” blog.

As Colin Wright said: Extreme lifestyle projects are biased from the beginning. But you can only learn from it if you take the first step.

Well, I´ve come upon my first challenges of posting something on my blog every day. In order to post once per day you need…. tadaaaaa: a working internet connection!

And well… I don´t have that at the moment since I recently moved to a new apartment. Colin faced similar challenges when his readers made him move to New Zealand. There he did not have a proper internet connection and had troubles doing his freelance work.

Well, I was not able to post the past couple of days. I only have internet access at work- and that´s not where I am free to write blogposts. New posts are coming up this weekend! 🙂