New years resolution, OR: Extreme lifestyle experiments

Yesterday I watched the TEDx talk from Colin Wright. He is a guy, 25 years old – my age.

He is undergoing extreme lifestyle experiments. He has been moving to different countries every 4 months and had the public vote to which country he should move next. Very interesting guy. This is how Colin defines an extreme lifestyle experiment:


Here is his TEDx talk:


He is stating that extreme lifestyle experiments are there to help you get closer to your goals. Don´t expect your experiment to be perfect – no, it´s awefully flawed from the beginning. But only if you experiment you are able to make changes and get closer to perfection.

I do not have a new years resolution. I do not want to lose weight, or quit smoking or anything like that. I will undergo an exteme lifestyle experiment. My experiment will include me creating a piece of writing and a photograph per day and post it online. For one year.

We will see what my experiment will teach me.

Happy new year!


One thought on “New years resolution, OR: Extreme lifestyle experiments

  1. Hey Valeska, this is a great idea and I wish you all the best and good luck for your extreme Lifestyle Experiment! I will follow you 😉
    Happy New Year!

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