Money fasting

During the past month I engaged in an activity known to most students – money fasting. What does that mean? Well, you simply don´t have any money.

I gotta admit that the last time I was on a strict money diet was quite some time ago. Let´s say I somehow always managed to save up for things I wanted and plan my funds accordingly.

But the past month was different. It all started with a business trip in a small yellow car. Sounds innocent? Well, the car is not to blame actually. This is how it all happened: After a long work-day I managed to put my wallet on top of the car and drove off. The poor wallet then fell off the roof and was left on an highway somewhere in the Netherlands. The wallet was hit by cars until an angelic wallet lover found it and sent it back to Germany. From Germany it was sent to my dutch office just for me to find out that I could not use any of its content because the cards were all smashed and cracked!

Then we all went on a business trip to the US – me without any money! Crossing the border was like in a bad movie:
Lady at the immigration: “Ms, how much money are you bringing to the United States?” me: “zero.” Her: “But you did bring credit cards” me: “nope”
Well, I managed to enter the country and luckily my co-workers gave me some cash so I could eat. Back in Germany it took another two weeks to get a new bank card. The new card arrived two days ago and I can´t believe my freshly gained freedom!

Where I am going with this story is: It sounds pretty bad not to have any money. But actually it is managable. Everything is managable. It´s just a matter of perspective. And I got to say, I kind of enjoyed not having any other choice than not to consume. Buying stuff was not even an option. I was just happy to have enough for food and train rides to work.

And isn´t that what fasting is all about? Practicing abstinence from a certain thing for a while in order to be able to appreciate it more? I definitely enjoy it not having to turn every penny around. And I am also more aware of the freedom I have. Thank you everybody! I appreciate all the help that I´ve received during the past weeks!


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