Is environmental change around the corner?

We need to change our ways of living drastically within the next decades.

I am spending most of my freetime watching documentaries about the challenges of our time,  researching articles and following bloggers, pages and everything available to me about the topic. It seems to me that people in my surroundings are also getting more aware of the slow change that is happening. Young people I´ve been talking to do also agree with me that something needs to happen. I hope so much that the word is spreading and not only awareness will be spread, but solutions designed.

These young men designed a solution for one of our biggest problems: plastic in our oceans.

Look at this amazing TED talk and support the project by sharing and talking about it.

They are still in the research phase, but I strongly believe that they will come up with a solution for one of the crazy manmade spills on our planet. Of course this will only be a solution for the OUTCOME. What our planet really needs however is a solution for the source itself – plastic! Only when we come up with alternatives to plastic and alternatives to coal and oil we created a real solution. Clever engineers needed!

I really hope that an investor will find this project appealing enough to give up on one of his lamborghinis and put a couple of millions in our planet´s future.


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