People seem to be fascinated by them.

The whole internet is full of them. Cat videos, cat slideshows, cat pictures. Even Facebook-feeds are flooded with funny and cute cat pictures. An example:

I even heard of a story where a guy working for a mayor corporation outsourced his job to china and just watched cat-movieclips on youtube every day. Well, I can kind of understand how cats brighten your day at the office!

But… Can you guys explain what´s so special about cats? Sure, they are cute, fluffy and seem to fall asleep in funny positions… But really??

Have a good week-end!


One thought on “Cats

  1. I do not understand the endless love for cats as well. When I catch a cat, in get of their fur and put them with some spices in my oven. Start temperature 230 degrees for 30 minutes and then low temperature cooking for 3 hours at 80 degrees – then they are smooth and ready to eat. They taste a little bit like chicken, depending from the nutrition they got before. If they got Wiskas fish, they taste a little bit like salmon ….

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