Is environmental change around the corner?

We need to change our ways of living drastically within the next decades.

I am spending most of my freetime watching documentaries about the challenges of our time,  researching articles and following bloggers, pages and everything available to me about the topic. It seems to me that people in my surroundings are also getting more aware of the slow change that is happening. Young people I´ve been talking to do also agree with me that something needs to happen. I hope so much that the word is spreading and not only awareness will be spread, but solutions designed.

These young men designed a solution for one of our biggest problems: plastic in our oceans.

Look at this amazing TED talk and support the project by sharing and talking about it.

They are still in the research phase, but I strongly believe that they will come up with a solution for one of the crazy manmade spills on our planet. Of course this will only be a solution for the OUTCOME. What our planet really needs however is a solution for the source itself – plastic! Only when we come up with alternatives to plastic and alternatives to coal and oil we created a real solution. Clever engineers needed!

I really hope that an investor will find this project appealing enough to give up on one of his lamborghinis and put a couple of millions in our planet´s future.

An idea worth spreading

A friend of mine just sent me a link to this homepage:

Phoneblocs is in the conceptual phase at the moment and is looking for support and investors and especially attention. They created a solution to throw less electronics away and completely change the consumption on the mobile phone market. Check the homepage out. They have a cool video that explains what they are going for. But basically they developed a phone with exchangeable parts. Means: if one part gets old or breaks – you can simply replace it for a better/ new one without having to throw the whole phone away.

The reason why this is absolutely necessary is: The way we live at the moment and the way we have been living in the past is simply not going to work out for us in the future. There are so many people living on this planet. And more and more people will adapt western infrastructure and the western way of live. This will lead to crazy new challenges. That´s why WE have to think of new ways to live. Most of us have realized the inconvenient truth that something has to happen to make this planet stay healthy. (or actually, become healthy again) But nobody really has a solution for the problem.

We are confronted with problems every day. I think by now we kind of know what is going wrong. But nobody has an idea of how to change the ways in which society works. How do we create a sustainable way of living?

We consumers have the power to decide… let´s make good decisions!


People seem to be fascinated by them.

The whole internet is full of them. Cat videos, cat slideshows, cat pictures. Even Facebook-feeds are flooded with funny and cute cat pictures. An example:

I even heard of a story where a guy working for a mayor corporation outsourced his job to china and just watched cat-movieclips on youtube every day. Well, I can kind of understand how cats brighten your day at the office!

But… Can you guys explain what´s so special about cats? Sure, they are cute, fluffy and seem to fall asleep in funny positions… But really??

Have a good week-end!