The “precious”-issue

Does this question sound familiar to you? “Should we take the good plates, or the regular ones, grandma?”

Grandmas definitely have the “precious”-issue with many of their things and we copied certain behaviour from them. Expensive, precious or special things should only be used for special occasions. This is why we have “special” jewelery, silverware, plates and many other things only to be used for special occasions.

I am generally not a big supporter of this behaviour and don´t want to end up with still packaged items, waiting for this special moment to come. (and probably wait for the moment for ever…)

This morning I was packing for my upcoming trip and was dealing with “precious”-issues myself! My CAMERA was the object I wanted to protect. As most of you will know – I love my camera. My initial thought was:

beach = sand + water = BAD for my Camera

And I did not pack it. Instead I packed a cheap compact camera to use on my trip. I closed the bag and instantly got sad: No fun with my hobby on this trip… 😦

I talked to my “wise” friend about it and he said:

“First ask yourself: why have i bought this camera? Then ask whatfor do I use it?”
My answers were: “I bought it because I love taking good pictures. And I am using it for everything.”
“Then use it. Sometimes we take too much care about our stuff, even if they were made to serve us. Take good care of your camera, because it gives you happiness through taking pictures. Yes, it was expensive…and it would be really sad if something bad would happen to it, But it’s purpose is to take pictures, and if you don’t use it, It would be like if it is already broken.”
I packed it.

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