9 boxes

That´s all I own.

Being a traveller for the past 6 years I have not stayed in one place for more than 10 months in a row. Always on the move, I downsized my life into 9 moving-boxes now safely stored at my grandpa´s.

And actually, none of these things are of big importance, either. Most of the boxes are filled with memories. With things people that are, or were important to me gave me a while ago and I somehow can´t let go of them, always having the thought in the back of my mind that throwing these things away could just as well mean throwing the memories away or not being attached to important people in my life anymore.

Of course, old picture frames, a coffe can or a stuffed animal might serve as a symbol of a human relationship or special memory, but those items do not contain my feelings. The feelings are solely inside of me. However, some items are serving as tokens or keys to trigger certain feelings or reactions.



At the beginning of this year I reacted to a post by the “escapethecity.com” community. A fellow escapee member James Wallman was looking for interviewees for his book project “Stuffocation” (UK book, releasing date September 2013 by crux publishing). This man is writing a book about all the things I have been busy thinking about within the past couple of years!

He asked me one very interesting question: “If you could only have one item, which item would be most important to you?” And I answered that I would choose either my digital camera or my laptop. He was laughing and replied that most of his interviewees replied the same thing. What is the item you guys would choose?




One thought on “9 boxes

  1. Definitely my laptop. As to the main topic at hand, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to move frequently. As you know, I’ve done a mini version of “your life” this summer. In the bigger picture, the minor upheaval in my life has been a VERY GOOD thing. It has shaken away the cobwebs in my head and made me feel alive again. Such will be the case with your transition over the coming months.

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