Transition phase

Today I´m all about transition phases. You know, that phase when you are trying to grow your hair from short to long and it just looks horrible until you´ve passed a certain point. Transition phases are not easy to stand through and sometimes all you want is to cut your hair and go back to your old life! The only thing that keeps you growing your hair and through the long phase of exposedness is to keep the ultimate goal in mind.

Why this hair example? Well, I see myself and people in my surroundings going through these kind of transition phases. The changes might not be of physical nature like a haircut, however influencing each life path drastically. A friend of mine sent me this youtube video that explains exactly what is happening in my head and probably in the head of many others:

Constant change, struggle, development and battle within yourself. Stay focused and keep your final goal in mind! 🙂

And don´t worry:



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