the way I see it

Since I moved to Sweden I have been taking portraits of my friends and many students from university. This is my hobby and I love taking photos, editing them and making my clients happy.

Nevertheless, I wish I could have the camera implanted into my eyeball in order to capture the beauty I see. Every person is beautiful and I don´t mean this in a purely visual way. Of course not everybody is perfectly symmetrical or matches modern “standards” of beauty. But every person has something magical. It might be the smile they have when they talk about a topic they love or the sparkle in their eye. Every person has a mystery surrounding them and I am here to press the button in the right moment.

Three weeks ago I have been to Henri Cartier Bresson´s exhibition in the museum of photography in Stockholm. I actually had no idea what was going to expect me. I simply followed a friend of mine who had heard of him before. My god was I happy to be there! Henri really knew how to take pictures. Different from me: he went to photography school and learned everything about composition, geography and the techniques of picture taking. He spent hours finding the perfect spot for a picture and he would take maximum 2 pictures, trying to capture the perfect moment. He started taking photos way before digital photography was invented and that´s maybe the fact that fascinates me the most. He was a master of his art, skilled and talented. I love love love his work!




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