I am surrounded by passion in my life these days. The weather here in northern Sweden has been amazing since 2 or three weeks with temperatures reaching 28° Celsius. My expectations for the summer here were so much lower. Everybody kept on telling me that it will never be more than 25 degrees… Last year people said they experienced only 3 sunny days during the whole summer.

These days I am in the lucky position of getting to know the other side of Sweden and of the Swedes. Swedes seem to posses two personalities. A winter and a summer personality. While the stereotypics about Swedes might match to their winter-habits, one would wonder if he/she landed in the right country when coming here in the summer!! People are suddenly super outgoing. BBQs EVERYWHERE! Girls and boys in swimclothes cover all public grass areas in town and the smell of freshly grilled meat lies in the air. Even people in supermarkets and generally on the streets seem to be nicer. Suddenly Swedes are opening up, involving strangers into conversations and offering free smiles!

I am surrounded by passion. Passion for life, food, sun, friends, community and SUMMER. Seeing all this makes me never want to leave. Or is it just getting better and more intense because I am…?


One thought on “Passion

  1. It’s not Hawaii but I imagine that Sweden with warmer weather has its charms! Soak in that passion and enjoy every minute of your time there!

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