No regrets

Sometimes plans change and suddenly your life is turned upside down.

When I moved to Sweden I thought I would stay here for at least two years. Even though I am not a big fan of buying stuff, I bought many things to make myself feel home in a place away from home. Because I thought I would stay in Sweden for longer I did not attend as many university activities, as I could have. And now that I might leave this place I am having discussions with myself about all the things I have postponed.

A part of me is trying to tell myself that I should have been more active. More like the international exchange students here on the university. They rented cars almost every weekend, went hiking, climbing, swimming, BBQing – name it, they did it, while I was strategically planning my stay in Sweden with carefully distributed events during my time here. Sure, I have seen and done many things here as well. But if I had wanted I could have done more.

And that brings me exactly to the point. Why should I regret my priorities from one year ago? As I said: plans change. And even though it is my life, I do not have control over everything that´s happening. But don´t they always say: life every day like it´s your last?

What if, on the last day of my life I just feel like going to bed at 20:00? Would it make my day better to go out and party with my friends? I believe it is like the famous reggae artist Ziggy Marley sings: “I got to be true to myself”

And to me, being true to myself means to accept the reality as it is. If I feel tired on my last day I will go to sleep. Living every day like it could be your last does not mean that you have to do the most crazy things in order to keep up with the adventure in your life. It just means to live your life the way you want it – without fear of what the future brings.

No regrets.


One thought on “No regrets

  1. Life is reflections of Life. One can Always make a decision.. but the truth will Always follow you where ever you are and are doing. We change positions during a lifetime. Truth to yourself is the most important and then of course when you have Children, beeing a truth person to them. Love is the reason to live and some Beauty…

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