Energy givers and energy takers.

This morning I am thinking about energy in my life and about the 20:80 rule. The rule says that 20 percent of tasks/ persons are taking up 80% of our energy/ time.

If you google for this phenomenon you will probably find results like “Are you a energy giver or are you a energy taker? Do the quick test!”. Most results say that you should not waste your time by spending it with so called “energy takers” – friends or people in your life that are like a heavy “rock” on your legs. They suggest you to cut the rocks loose in order for you to rise up in the sky like a balloon.

Sure this whole concept sounds interesting. If consequently applied it would mean that nobody had to work through a difficult situation with friends, a hard time with a partner or a boring, time consuming period at work. Everybody has the ability to run away from whatever they think of as too time and energy consuming.

Now, put yourself into the shoes of the “energy taker”. Have you never been in a low? Did you never go through a heavy and long break up? Is your job really always fun? And who helped you to endure these periods? My guess: Energy givers!

So, think again before you are cutting loose a rock from your legs. You might end up without friends – high up in the sky. As they say in Sweden: Take everything with a pinch of salt. Which means as much as: think about everything you hear and do not blindly follow other people´s statements.

No doubt that we should more often make use of the ability to say “no” if we mean it and to know when it is time to stop making space in your life for certain things or people. For me it is most important to know where I am going in the long run. And it is crucial to know what is most important in life. If a situation or person does not play a role on your life path and is never going to play one in the future AND is energy and time consuming – then you might think about cutting the rock loose.



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