The paradox of being a traveler vs. every day life

Post-vacation or travel-blues: A person may suffer from post vacation blues after returning home or to a normal routine from a long vacation, especially if it was a pleasurable one. The longer a trip lasts, the more intense the post vacation blues may be. This is because the person would be longing for their travel experiences. Post vacation blues may result in tiredness, loss of appetite, strong feelings of nostalgia, and in some cases, depression. In general, post vacation blues wear off after time. It usually takes a few days for the mood to wear off, although in some cases, it can take up to 1.5 times the length of the trip.

 It almost sounds like a crazy venture to even consider traveling! We can all simplify our lives by staying at home.

 My perspective on things is:

What I especially love about traveling is the carefreeness in which I live while being abroad. There are no rules for the traveler, no stress, no schedules and simply: no worries. The traveler is able to go with the flow, live in the moment and bring peace to his/her mind. When coming back home this carefreeness rapidly vanishes and is replaced by work, university, schedules and loads of „have-to“s. It is an ongoing inner conflict to keep on living the life you have got a glimps on while traveling and at the same time to fulfill your part as a functioning part of society.

Sometimes it seems pointless to do all these mind-opening things and develop your personality just to go back home and live your life of routines. Sobering.

One attitude has helped me dealing with this feeling, live every day consciously! Remember: your life is not dominated by others. You are fully responsible for our decisions. If you want to study: study. If you want to have a family: enjoy having a family. But don´t whine about what you have decided to do. You can always change!
That is why I can not find a reason to be depressed just because a beautiful trip is over. It is not a solution for all of us to move to a tropical paradise. Life there will be routinized after a while as well. Instead, make the best of what life offers in this very moment!

There is so much every single one of us can do to make the world a better place without loosing the travel-feel. Just because you are home does not mean you have to live in a tiny little box called life. Here are some ideas:

  • Help people on the street who look lost.

  • Offer your help to new students/ co-workers.

  • Engage in international organizations in your city.

  • Offer your home to strangers. Couchsurfing is a great way to get to know new people.

  • Go out and talk to strangers.

  • Walk through a quarter of your own city where you have never been before.

  • Explore your surroundings and do daytrips. There is so much you have never seen!
  • Invite friends over for dinner.

 By integrating these things into your life you are able to make new friends, be social and live a more outgoing lifestyle. It is always nice to talk to international people and stay in touch with other travelers to keep the blues away!

Feel free to comment here and tell me what you think about the topic!


2 thoughts on “The paradox of being a traveler vs. every day life

  1. Most often, the two biggest things that bother me about returning home to Vancouver are:
    1. The almost constant grey skies from October through April.
    2. The lack of friendliness I too frequently encounter amongst fellow pedestrians in the city.

    These two phenomenon simply don’t exist when I go traveling. The second may be due to the fact that locals in other places somehow “know” that I don’t live there and somehow I end up engaging in the most interesting of conversations with them. That rarely happens back home. 😦

  2. How wonderful that you discovered the talking to strangers! I remember the times when you asked me: Mom, did you know this person you just talked to about umbrellas? (when you were little)
    I wish I would do the dinner invitations, but I am to tired and to lazy and afraid of the wrong food. Since I visited the American continent, I alway help a lost person.

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