Positive words

Again and again it proves – it is all about the word choice! Words are such a powerful tool, they have the power to motivate, inspire, move, or touch… If you express yourself using the wrong set of letters they may have the exact opposite effect. People in a leading position, (and this does not only include managers! Anybody can be a leader in his/her surroundings!) should be more aware of the words they chose in their communication. I myself am not very good in chosing the right words. Sometimes I feel like a little elephant, stepping from one misunderstanding into the next and wondering how somebody could ever misinterpret my statement. But when I rehearsed my choice of words I find that I actually  never made one! – they came out before I could even think what to say. My advice for today: First think then talk! Or as we say in German: “Reden ist silber, schweigen ist Gold.”



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