Walking on diamonds

It is hard to resist something so beautiful yet evanescent. As a hobby-photographer I enjoy capturing breathtaking things when I see them. It gives me joy to capture exeptional beautiful moments and have them as a digital form of memory with me wherever my life brings me. I find it a crucial part of my life to be able to share these memories with friends, family and just pretty much everyone who shows enough interest in coming as close as to look at my picture-albums. However, mostly it is the uncaptured and random moments that stick in my mind as vibrant as none of my pictures ever could. A snapshot of time which charm it may be that it has not been captured. Somehow like the unicorn of memories, magical, beautiful, though blurry and not existing. Uncaptured moments of beauty are not limited to the boundaries of vision, they include everything surrounding that moment, smells, feelings or sounds…

Some say the streets in Europe are made of sugar and honey. Here in Sweden they are made of diamonds. At least that´s what you could think when you see the streets and everything else enamelled with a layer of snow and ice. The snow lights up the dark city and it makes you feel like walking on a huge cake. The surface of the snow glitters and it seems like it is reflecting the million stars shining upon us. Each snowflake represents the foundation of our universe. Small particles, beautifully assembled to an artwork of nature, enduring its course of destiny…


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