The dark time of the year has wrapped itself around us like a raincloud from a movie that follows us everywhere. Slowly, but assuredly the sun rises every day a little later and says ‘good night’ a little earlier… Sneaky enough to leave us in uncertainty when we will see the sun again. At the moment the sun rises around 9 a.m. and sets by 2:30 p.m.

Many times when I awake these days, I find myself surrounded by grey haze. The haze lies heavily on the hills surrounding us, hugges treetops and floats over the lake surface. The haze acts like a drug. It blurs your feeling of time. A day could look exactly the same as long as there is light: grey. But it also brings peace and silence when walking through town. Passing by colorful swedish houses with their white ornaments, you can look into the windows and watch families getting ready for their day. Families with set breakfast tables, chasing around kids or doing the dishes. People up here don´t care too much about shutting their lives off from the public. They do not have window shutters, and if they do they never use them. People have started to put christmas decoration up and there is christmas-lights in nearly every window. You can see their golden shimmer glowing through the haze and in the front yards. 

The snow has started to come and when there is snow life gets even more slowed down. When walking on snow you can barely hear your own steps. Cars and busses are forced to drive slowly and all in all you just have this calm feeling inside of you. The Swedes, though are waiting for more snow to come. The biathlon ski world cup has started a couple of days ago and looking at professionals playing in the snow evokes a strong desire in Swedes… They get restless. I imagine them getting ready in their own sporty way. Checking in the basement if they have all needed equipment, maintaining what is there and going to the sports-store a couple of times. Most likely they enjoy it so much, that they will go there to inform, then to try, maybe to try again and then finally to buy whatever they need. I find it positively amusing how outdoory Swedes are and I gotta say it rubbs off. When surrounded by enthusiasm it is hard to stay … well – ME.
And this is how I cought my self saying: “Look how beautiful the snowflakes are, I wish we´ll get more snow soon”

– Yep, I am in danger of getting crazy!



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