Place called home

I love Östersund. Moving here was a unplanned decision and surprising to myself. I am not a winter-affine person and I do absolutely LOVE the beach and ocean. But somehow I ended up in northern Sweden, close to the famous ski area of Åre.

This land hasn´t been populated for a very long time due to the inland ice, that melted slowly away and uncovered this huge part of land known as the three countries Norway, Sweden and Finland.

You would be surprised when you look up Östersund on a globe. It is so far up, it looks like I am living on the northpole. When I first realized how far up I am living I considered it to be likely for me to get a part time job at Santa Clauses´ christmas factory with the other gnomes there.

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” – Marilyn Monroe

Some of you might wonder why I chose to move here. First of all I thought it could be awesome to love in Sweden… eehm, live in Sweden. But another reason is that things just seemed to fall into place, when I started researching this place. I believe when you are moving into the right direction the universe is going to help you fulfill your dreams. I found the perfect Master-program, matching to my previous education. I met all the entry requirements and managed all tests and paper-work. Finally I found the perfect apartment here and my decision was made.

I decided to sell most of my things in Germany and spent the summer selling and organizing things and enjoying quality time with my family and friends.

And just look where I am now!!Image






5 thoughts on “Place called home

  1. I’ve long said that one’s feelings about a place has MUCH MORE to do with WHO you know there than anything to do with the place itself. So, in that regard, you are truly blessed!

    1. Robert: This is absolutely true. When I moved to Dresden in 1991 the decision was made by my feeling. The intellect said no, because East Germany went into a terrible depression after fall of the Berlin wall. But I survived and gained very loyal friends and I still think (feel) that my decision was right.

  2. nice for outdoor-people or nature boys – the most important is, that you are lucky with your decision … and someday I will visit you here – if you promise to grill some moose´s steaks …

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