Versatile Argentina

I have only been 2 short weeks in Argentina but am fazinated, amazed and astonished by this beautiful country! I am so glad that I have 6 weeks to explore …

A vulcano with walls made from water

The Iguazu waterfalls national park is located about 16 bus-hours north of Buenos Aires in the tropical area at the Brazilian border. I spend two days in the national park exploring walkways through lush green forest and seeing a huge variety of different waterfalls. The Iguazu falls are not only one waterfall, the whole park is a unique landscape of plateaus connected by waterfalls. I felt in some ways reminded of Hawaii but Iguazu definitely is one of our world´s wonders! It feels unreal when staring at garganta de diablo, a huge funnel of water that devours millions and millions of water second by second, helplessly accepting the water plunging down into the misty unknown… The feeling standing at this natural wonder is overwhelming and in a meditative way. When looking into the valley you will find rainbows caught in the mist and swallows cutting through them. Iguazu national park is like an island on our world where natural beauty is undestroyed and pure, where it is possible to connect with what was created in million of years and where suffering is non-existing.

7 colored rocks and a salty desert

After my trip to Iguazu I flew to the Salta located in the north west of Argentina. There I met my friend with whom I did a four days roadtrip into the region of Jujuy and back to Cordoba. On our way we´ve seen the most different landscapes… We crossed through red rocks like in Arizona, endless cactus fields of destert-like mountains, rich green hills like in Scottland, salty desert and rainbow colored mountains.

In the little mountain-town of Tilcarra, where houses are still made of clay, we slept two nights at temperatures of only 13 degrees celsius. We bought Lama pullovers and hats and kept us warm drinking mate (bitter traditional tea that every Argentinian person loves). The people in the north look a lot more like native Indians, prices are on a much lower level and life is simple. I loved listening to traditional panpipe party music, drinking mate and talking to my friends and people I´ve just met in my non-existing Spanish. Lucky that hand signals are international and the questions asked are the same all over the globe.

Region of Jujuy with colored rocks.

Tucuman cactus region and national park.


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