10 days in Vietnam. I am fascinated by this country. This time not the pagodas, temples or buildings draw my attention, but the people do.

I am in Hoi An now. A cute little harbor town. I made my way to the middle of the country. Within the last 10 days I spent a night on a boat cruisin in Ha Long bay, a night in a hill tribe family´s home north of Sa Pa and about 36 hours in a train. I was trekking through muddy rice fields, meeting people from all over the world in the most northern part of Vietnam where you can see the Chinese border from top of the mountains. Spent hours riding motorcycles, bikes, trains, busses and did all tourist stuff.

And what I enjoyed the most was people-watch. See how people educate their kids, prepare meals, harvest rice or drive scooters. To me it was precious when I found a small local café in Hue where teenagers met after school to play cards and hang out. Sitting there on a cushion on the floor, drinking my Vietnamese coffee from a tiny little table, listening to the 1996 Backstreet Boys album and watching kids play cards I felt like home – even if it was not like home at all.

I had a feeling of freedom when riding the scooter through Hue´s countryside seeing nothing but golden yellow rice patty, ready to harvest. Even if the smell of upcoming rain was in the air and the sky was covered in dark grey it felt peaceful. Like no harm is caused by fieldworkers harvesting rice, kids playing with chicken and dogs or old ladies preparing dinner for the family.

The next days I will take a 6 days motorcycle tour from Hoi An all the way down south to Ho Chi Minh city.

One thought on “Vietnam

  1. Hallo meine Weltreisende!
    Dunja und ich haben deinen neuesten Bericht voller Genuss gelesen. Du schreibst so, dass man sich alles gut vorstellen kann. Beinahe wie unsere Lieblingsschriftstellerin, Diana Gabaldon.
    Ich liege gerade auf der neuen Fuesseliege und werde behandelt. Es kitzelt kaum, weil ich so mit Lesen und Schreiben beschäftigt bin. 🙂
    Bussi deine Mama und Dunja

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