Make me happy, Mr. Maslow!

I spend my last ten days in Maui tanning and meeting awesome people. While i lived in paradise, picked up the fruits falling from the trees to make delicious smoothies i was wondering what my motivation is to leave and move on.

Regarding to Maslow i should be satisfied. I have a place to lay my head, friends who accept me the way i am and enough food and money to not have to worry. But what makes me remain unsatisfied? I call it the persuit of happiness. Is it the seek for knowledge and power. Is knowledge = power = money? Maybe i´ll find out when i come back from my 10 days meditation in Indonesia. One thing i know for sure – Maslows pyramide is not completed as his “self actualization” is an open end.

Facebook is shut down because of today´s elections in Vietnam. Propaganda music is running all over the city through loudspeakers. I feel like the government is not very confident about its methods…
Besides that i am finally in VIETNAM! It is incredible humid and my clothes are always wet. I was surprised about the for south east asia organized traffic and cleaness. I am staying in a very nice hostel and dealing with the 19h timedifference between Hawaii and Vietnam. Completely jatlagged i walked all over the city and saw the famous show in the water puppet theater in Hanoi.

I am going to spend the next week sailing through Ha Long Bay and trekking in Sa Pa in the north of Vietnam. I will give you an update when i am back and facebook is working again.


One thought on “Make me happy, Mr. Maslow!

  1. You are not only tanning! I saw a picture and thought, where is my daughter on it? There were two European girls and one dark brown Hawaiian girl. After checking the marks on facebook I figured out: YOU were the Hawaiian girl! I like your stories. Kiss and hug your mom

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