The transformation begins

It is day 65 of my journey and first changes in my behavior occure. I believe I am transforming – into a world traveller!

The months before my travel started I could not get enough of planning and organizing. I bought travel-guides of countries on my way and started to study them. Now i feel like I want everything simple and flexible. I always think of the day in New York when first changes in my behavior showed through. I arrived in this big city, opened a spreadsheet and started planning my activities and meetings. Planned were 10 days in New York, morning, afternoon and evening. When I started to organize my time in New York I realized:

I am on vacation for a year. I do not have any obligations. And there is nothing I have to do.

This is how I closed my laptop (saved the file first) and tried for the first time in my life not to plan anything. The first few weeks after this, I had to remind myself to not make too many plans. Now, a couple of weeks later this behavior became second nature. Now I don´t know what I am doing in one week from now or where I am sleeping tomorrow. I am spontaneous.

My new mindset makes things and experiences possible which would not have been possible before. People ask me if I am afraid of the danger I might be exposed to. And my answer is: I have no time to think about that. And no, I am not afraid. Then people say they find my way of travelling admirable. And my answer is: I was born as a planner and am now happy by choice.

As I am not planning too much anymore I often have the feeling to go with the flow and to sometimes not be myself. Often events seem surreal to me. For example when I was at a graduate party of a girl I did not know with people I did not know and ate her cake and played with her puppy. Or when I was at the birthday party of a two year old called “pretty big girl” by the birthday kid and offered to play games on the living room floor. And while I do not completely understand what is going on I turn around and realize I am part of something great and new. Moments like this will remain unforgettable forever. And one thing I know for sure – I did not plan this.

One thought on “The transformation begins

  1. Happy by Choice. Sounds really familiar.
    I’m so glad that you are relaxing on your voyage. I was a little concerned when you were so focused on getting your blog done while you were here. It’s an adventure and it seems like you are getting more and more comfortable in your own skin.
    Much love and aloha to you.
    Susan and John

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