Champagne Ponds

This is a naturally occurring pool carved out of lava along the coast. The thing that makes it unique is that the water is heated by an underground lava tube, so it’s about 95°F degrees in there. It’s a mix of ocean and fresh water, and a popular sea turtle hang-out. And the best thing is I am staying at a couchsurfer´s home 5 minutes walkway from this amazing place. Is there anything better than starting the day snorkeling with sea turtles?

The big island of Hawai´I is a big mystery to me. While there are 11 different climate zones on this island it is usual to expect rain showers, thunder storms, heavy clouds and burning sun on one 30 min car drive. Half of the time here I feel like in the movie Jurassic Park while the other half feels like back in the 60ies. In the beginning of my US-trip I did not like the idea of driving everywhere. Since I am on the Big Island I adapted the convenient driving style to explore the area. It is way easier as busses are very seldom seen and many areas are rather remote. This makes the “Jurassic Park” part of sitting in a rental car and driving through the jungle while looking at the sights. I had an intense feeling of tininess driving through the volcano national park and seeing volcano craters and lava fields from an eruption in the 70ies. And it wouldn´t have surprised me to see a dinosaur jumping over the lava fields or hiding between the huge ferns.

It is difficult to take a picture of the big nothing we experienced. These lava fields feel endless and wide and are kinda heavy to describe. Imagine the lava being liquid and flowing over streets and homes is thrilling. Now the lava rocks are hard and cold and tell their silent story.

I mentioned the other part of me that feels like back in the 60ies. This feeling is caused by the hippies living here in their organic communities, being independent and free. We found a black sand beach where most of the people wore nothing but their drums and hairbands. They were dancing, singing, swimming and playing with their kids all as god made them. Most of them came from the main land and are sick of being dependent on modern facilities. They developed their own way of living – just like in the 60ies. (yes, weed is part of it)


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