Arrival on Hawaii

12 hours time difference to Germany. That feels really far away. To me it is unbelievable the 137 islands called Hawaii belong to the United States of America. Hawaiians seem to have independent culture and language. (yes, it is kinda hard to understand you fellows) I spent my first week on Oahu – the island where Honolulu is located. My two dear friends hosted me in their home on an army base. It was interesting to see and feel how it is to live on an army base. Believe me it is a different world! I have never been in touch with the military and it was a little strange to me. My nicest friends and their lovely neighbors and friends made my stay unforgettable – thank you! I am looking forward to seeing you again!

On Monday my friend from Germany arrived which means i have a travel-buddie again! Yay! We drove to Oahu´s north shore and spent two nights there. Snorkeling, pineapple plantage, sea turtles and swimming inclusive! I did not dare to surf yet. The waves and current are really strong and I heard a couple of people debating about the perfect wave-riding. Maybe I am more into paddeling?

Today my friend and I flew to the Big Island – only 35 min flight from Honolulu. Tomorrow we´ll get our rental car which I am really looking forward to. Not having a car on the big island sucks. Today we walked so much – I was completely exhausted.

This was my short update for you guys. Next stop: Vulcano and liquid Lava!


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