Lost and found in New York City

It is my last day in New York City. Tomorrow i am flying back to Seattle where a part of my family lives and am finally heading to Hawaii on Friday, April 15th. My visit to New York was like a rollercoster. When I started my world trip i thought: Wow, 365 days of fun and happiness! I did not calculate bad days or feelings into my year. After 2,5 weeks in New York i know there has to be some recalculations made.

I lost myself in New York City. All the possibilities, activities and people i found there made me want to stay longer. Therefore i decided to skip my L.A. trip and stay one more week. The second week began great, but then it turned out to a week full of insecurities. On some mornings I did not know where to lay my head at night. This is how I moved 4 times from home to home. For the first time in this trip I felt a little homesick. Why am I doing this? Where is MY bed? And where are MY friends? To find answers to my questions I spent a few days online at Starbucks, healed my soul with liters of cinnamon dolce latte and skyped with my friends back home. Instead of giving me shit about my unsatisfied feelings they acted supporting. And they told me to continue my travels because feelings change as fast as the weather does. The weather here in New York City was grey and rainy the last days.

Thanks to all the kind and the new people in my life I refocussed on my trip. Bad days are calculated into my travelology 2.0. And after 2,5 weeks in New York i remember why i am doing this trip. I want to see the world and to find myself. The last days in New York were filled with sun and happy feelings and I finally found my grit again.

I can´t wait to see Hawaii and go snorkeling this weekend. Next stop: Seattle!


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