Living in New York

People keep asking me how i spend my days in New York. This post is for all the curious people out there.
This monday I moved from Harlem to Brooklyn. Brooklyn my new home for now treats me well. The sunset-rooftop-view to Manhattan is priceless! So how do i spend my days? I am still meeting as many new people as possible. I went shopping with a friend and bought the most “necessary” world-trip accessoires: high heels, curling iron and jewelery…. While i use these items for my undercover identity the hipsters in Williamsburg still identify me as a backpacker because of my functional wind and weather jacket and the backpack. Not yet assimilated dear NYC citizen!
Besides undercover missions i am exploring the bars in Brooklyn and Manhattan and practice my cooking skills: Prawns with asparagus and mixed salad – check. Chicken breast on spinach salad plus red wine and cheese – check. Nutella bread – check.
Yesterday i decided to visit Coney Island. It was the worst idea ever.  After 1 hour train ride i arrived at the only 40°F,windy and rainy beach. The amusement park was closed and looked like a construction site.

It was only me and two homeless people hiding from the rain. Kinda depressing. Being completely wet i went back to Brooklyn and had a cup of tea at a friend´s house. Cozy!
The last days i spend laughing, eating, shopping. (I would say eat, pray love… but i haven´t prayed yet)


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