New York

I am not easy to impress. Thats why i am rarely excited before  my travels. As a matter of course i am sitting in the bus from Washington D.C. to New York City. The busride begins and i fall asleep. After 4 hours of sleeping in a uncomfortable position i wake up and what do i see? The New York City Skyline! I get all excited, grab my camera and take a, for most persons meaningless and blury picture, out oft he bus. I am in New York!

The feeling I had when i woke up on my seat and saw the skyline hasn´t changed. The first time I have been here was 8 years ago. But all I remember is skyscrapers and the crowd of people living here. For me New York has always been a restless and uncomfy place earth. That´s why i was very surprised to find something completely different during my latest trip. I live in Harlem in a scretchy but charming apartment. My host is on vacation and so i have his apartment all for myself.

Harlem is not what it used to be twenty years ago. Danger? Hasn´t faced me yet. Instead of that families live here in the cute little houses with stairs in front of the entry. I don´t care about skin color. The term “meltingpot” still fits perfectly to New York. Here the minority ist he majority. And i am in the middle of it all.

I love New York because people answer to questions like: „Hey, have you seen that dwarf with his 2 meter transsexual girlfriend?“ with „So what?“ If New York is restless? I don´t know. To me it is a city full of creativity that you can grab out of the air and feel in every breath you take. From the very first sunlight, when delivery trucks dispose their goods to shops and street cleaners sing a song with their co-workers and the last party people come home, or during the day when businessmen stream across the streets like ants and the whole city is drowning in humming or in the evening, when the people are on their way home, to the park to enjoy the last sunlight, kissing their loved ones or go to a bar… i sit here, watch and take pictures.

Here in the city of the restless i feel balanced and calm. Every day i spend here i meet new people. I listen to their way of seeing life, i am listening tot the craziest ideas and to unusual life-concepts. A unbelievable strong will is coming out of those people. Nothing seems to be impossible as long as you are willing to work focussed on your goals. This is maybe why most of the people i meet here are selfemployed in their field of work.

I love New York so much that i have decided to skip my trip to L.A. to stay here one more week.


One thought on “New York

  1. Hi Vale, I am happy you like the city and your trip! Did you cancel all your hosts in LA? Have fun and write more!
    Kiss and hug, your Mom

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